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The reasons
for choosing
Suplasyn md
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  1. 1
    Improvement of functionality and pain with persistent effects up to 6 months *
  2. 2
    Easy for doctors to inject (low viscosity)
  3. 3
    Very good Safety profile ** (2)
  4. 4
    Suitable for small synovial joints ensuring the appropriate dosage and volume
  5. 5
    Suplasyn® m.d. was more effective in the improvement of fine hand function compared to significant improvement of pain even for severe patients (1)
If necessary

1. Montfort J et all. Comparative efficacy of intraarticular hyaluronic acid and corticoid injections in osteoarthritis of the first carpometacarpal joint: results of a 6-month single-masked randomized study
2. Gydek A et al. "Efficacy and safety of intra-articular use of Hyaluronic acid (Suplasyn) in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis" Przegl Lek. 2011;68(6) 307-10.

* This depends on patient's individual response
** Post-marketing surveillance report

of the jaw
of the hand
Injection<br>of the jaw Injection<br>of the hand